Legal Help and Assistance Directly from a Barrister

CHERYL JONES of JUST COUNSEL is now working with the barristers at 3PB Barristers, one of the longest established Barristers’ Chambers in England and Wales. You can find out more information by clicking on this link:

3PB Barristers has many barristers available who are able to assist by way of Direct Access. You do not need to go through a solicitor. Please contact us at the above telephone numbers or email us with some details of the problem you wish us to solve.

Direct Access to a Barrister gives you the following advantages:

  • Cost effective
  • Transparent fees agreed in advance
  • No hidden extras
  • You keep control of your own case and your costs, using a barrister as little or as much as you wish
  • You know when deadlines and Court hearings are approaching
  • You make sure that all the relevant documents are given to Counsel and to the Court
  • You will have clear written advice for you to keep and refer to
  • You will have full professional representation at all levels of the courts
  • All barristers have full legal indemnity insurance and are governed by their professional bodies.

A Direct Access barrister can:

  • Appear and speak for you in any Court or Tribunal in England & Wales
  • Prepare all court documents, including witness statements
  • Draft letters for you to send

Give you written advice or advice in conference about:

  • the law
  • the facts of your case
  • documents you need and how to find them
  • how to communicate effectively with the Court and the other parties
  • court procedure including how to prepare bundles in accordance with the rules
  • the evidence you will need and how to present it
  • Conferences can take place in Chambers, on the telephone, Skype or FaceTime (by
  • appointment).
  • Advices can be sent by email